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AS/NZS 3800: 2019

AS/NZS 3800 is about to have a major revision.

To assist in making everybody aware of this, we a dedicating this newsletter to AS/NZS 3800.

History of AS/NZS 3800

The Australian coal mining industry recognised early the importance of overhaul and repair of Ex equipment and as such developed a specific Standard which was released in 1979: This was AS 2290 Part 2, Electrical equipment for coal mines – Maintenance and Overhaul, Part 2: Overhaul of electrical equipment for coal mines.   This was updated with a title change in 1985 to Overhaul of electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres. Updated again in 1989 with another title change and support for Approved class A and Class B workshop as well as Class A and B Competent persons.  It is interesting to note that only flameproof products were supported by the Standard up to the 1989 version.

The 1993 revision introduced additional protection techniques: intrinsic safety, increased safety and pressurisation. 

Throughout the 1990s, AS 2290.2 underwent a major change which resulted in it evolving into AS/NZS 3800 and encompassed both Group I and Group II industries. 

The first version of AS/NZS 3800 was in 1997 with updates in 2005 and 2012.

Product Notices

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