Rechargeable battery in SE-330 Series products

Attention all Littelfuse Customers,

This notice is to advise that recent revisions of the SE-330 Series products contain a rechargeable battery to power a real-time clock. This battery has not been tested to regulatory requirements for hazardous areas. If needed, the battery can be removed from the SE-330 Series products. The battery is not user serviceable and removal must be performed at either the Littelfuse factory or Startco Pty Ltd, our authorized master distributor in Australia. Removal of the battery does not compromise the protection functions of the SE-330 Series product or cause the loss of device settings through power cycles.

Below is a list of the SE-330 Series products that contain a battery; earlier revisions not listed here do not contain a battery. For more information on hardware revisions, please consult Appendix A of the appropriate product manual.

If the battery is removed, the real-time clock will reset to the default date and time after a power cycle. This will result in data logs and trip records recorded with incorrect time and date information. By default, the SE-330 Series products listed above record data logs to a microSD card, with each data file given a title based on the date. If a data file already exists for that date, the information will be appended to the existing file, up to a maximum of 25 MB, when it will be considered an abnormal file and automatically deleted.

The SE-330 Series products with network communications can provide detailed metering and status information over a network connection, which could be a substitute for data logging functions on a network with SNTP enabled.

Other Littelfuse protection relays commonly used in Australia which contains a battery are listed below for reference.

Please contact Littelfuse Startco with any questions at

Download the full letter from Littelfuse here

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