CMI 300/425A Restrained Receptacle Range

ANZEx 13.3002; IECEx TSA 13.0005X

Specific Models: AG414B; AG464BQR; AG414BQR; AG414BQR-A

Serial numbers of possibly affected units are on the attached list.

CMI Electrical have identified a possible non-compliance issue with the above models of receptacles.

We have identified, through stock discrepancies, that approximately 30 off 425A units may have been supplied with 300A phase pins in lieu of 425A phase pins.

We are asking for the industries’ assistance, in tracing the incorrectly supplied phase pins, which CMI Electrical will replace through a service exchange program. CMI Electrical are going down the service exchange route to ensure the incorrect pins cannot accidently find their way into another unit.

CMI Electrical are instigating the following method to prevent reoccurrence at both CMI Electrical, stockists and end users.

Going forward, once the incoming new pins are inspected and verified in our quality control inspection process, all pins are to be packed into sealed plastic bags, in sets of three, and the bag marked with the part number and description.

Consequences of incorrect pins installed and placed into service.

The consequences of the receptacles being installed with the incorrect pins range from an open circuit phase(s) to burning contacts.

The receptacle will NOT function correctly with the incorrect pins installed.

Download the full letter here.

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