Our SGM (Special General Meeting) was held on 19th July this year at North Sydney.

The purpose of the SGM was to get our members’ views on where ExTA should be focussing its efforts.

The SGM was attended by 13 members of ExTA and two guests; While the attendance was not as good as envisaged, there was thought to be a reasonable cross-section of members attending.

James Galloway of JASANZ was one of the guests.

A summary of the meeting follows:

The meeting took the form of a discussion led by Ian Webster.

· John Curran, chairman of ExTA opened the meeting and introduced Ian.

· Ian utilised a PowerPoint to summarise the journey that ExTA had been through since its inception in 2014.

o The discussion included the areas of operation listed in ExTA’s constitution and business plan.

o These areas of operation were discussed and Ian put a vote to the members as to which areas should be given the highest priorities.

o The three areas that the members of ExTA, thought should be prioritised were as follows:

> Communications to members.

> ANZEx, other certification schemes and acting as a lobby for certification matters.

> Development of a marketing strategy for ExTA

· James Galloway gave a presentation on where JASANZ is going with the management of the ANZEx scheme after Standards Australia transferred the management rights to them.

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