Notification to NSW and QLD Underground Coal Mines

13th September 2016

“dimensional error”

It has been brought to our attention that there is a dimensional error on a certification drawing relating to the CMI “MINTO” AG314BQR / AG364BQR 300A 660V /1100V restrained receptacles.

This relates to certification drawing F-438 Rev I and relates to certificates for IECEx TSA 13.0005X and ANZEx 13.3002. Refer to location 3B on Section A-A of drawing

F-438 where dimensions are recorded as Ø “92.3 / 62.4”. The correct dimensions should read Ø “ 92.3 / 92.4”

All other receptacles 300A, 425A 660V/1100V 3300V 4 and 6 pins are unaffected by this error.

CMI confirms that the certifying body Testsafe will issue an amendment to the original certification correcting the referenced drawing. The correction is to the drawing dimension listed above and does not physically affect any product.

Application for Supplementary Certification was lodged with Testsafe on 5 September 2016 and should be available on request in around 6 weeks.

CMI Electrical Products Michael Page Manager – Minto industrial Products

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