ExTA Secretary Update for Newsletter March 2018

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

ExTA Newsletter

ExTA Secretary Update for Newsletter March 2018

Welcome members and supporters to our latest newsletter. This is our first Newsletter for in our series for 2018.


ExTA - The forum for explosive environments

At our AGM in October 2017 and at our follow up meeting in February this year, ExTA made decisions to:

·         Increase our discussions with members to find what you, our members, would like us to provide for you.


  • Provide an additional membership classification of “Associates” for individual members.

o   This will be aimed at individuals who want to benefit from our forums, newsletters, and additional benefits. 

o   We will be notifying all of our supporters of the benefits of this in a specific email newsletter.


  • Research what is involved in becoming a Standards Development Organisation (SDO)


  • Continue with our aim to become a nominating organisation for Standards Australia

o   Our first foray into this area was not successful, but we now understand the requirements far better and hopefully will be successful in round two of this project.    


  • Respond positively to a specific request to provide a replacement to the Victorian PICA (Petroleum Industry Contractors Association)

o   We will be addressing this by establishing up a Victorian Group to address this.

o   We will be communicating further to those who may wish to become involved in the near future.


  • Engage with our corporate members to reinforce the following benefits which we now provide:

o   Provision of a facility for corporate members to announce Product Releases etc. on our Website Home Page.

o   The product release will remain on the home page for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, after which time, it will be relocated to a new product release section of our website for as long as the member negotiates for it to remain on the website.

There will only be a small once off cost applicable which will be a cost-recovery basis for the coding of the web page.


  • ExTA are also offering its corporate members a free notification service for Product Notices.

o   If your organisation needs to inform the industry of product issues/ recalls etc., we will put an industry notice on our website and email all members and supporters to inform them of the notice.

o   This service is free to all member organisations.


Please address any queries you have on either of the above to myself here.


As always, we are looking for interesting articles for our newsletter and website.  If you have something you would like to submit, please forward it to myself at the above email address.


Also, remember that our forum is operating.  It would be great to see greater use be made of this facility.


If you do not have, or have forgotten your login, please let me know at the above email and I will address your issues.

Best wishes to all.
John Rose

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