JAS ANZ Update for ExTA

Thursday, 16 March 2017

As of the 3rd August 2016 JAS-ANZ assumed responsibility for the management and administration of the ANZEx scheme, under the terms of a Transfer Deed between JAS-ANZ and Standards Australia. Since then, JAS-ANZ has commenced a programme of consultation with members of the former MS-067 and other interested parties, to establish a broad view of the current state of the scheme as well as an understanding of possible future activities. A key stepping stone towards this goal is to undertake a series of meetings to establish expectations for the ongoing management of ANZEx, the first of which is being planned for the second half of November this year.


JAS-ANZ has announced that in the short term, the ANZEx scheme will be business as usual.  To support this stability JAS-ANZ is seeking to retain the services of Compliance Resource Associates International as the administrator of the scheme. Our focus for now is therefore on how we might add value without interfering with existing operations; for example, one possible activity which will be discussed during the November meeting is the extension of the scheme to include mechanical and diesel service facilities.


Moving forward, we intend to establish a standing technical committee of interested parties, with membership drawn from the participants of the aforementioned consultation as well as broader industry nominations, to support ANZEx scheme operations and provide technical advice. Based on the advice from this committee we will further establish a process for the review and enhancement of the scheme which is consistent with the needs and direction of the industry. Our direct involvement in this process, will be to ensure the scheme remains aligned with the principles of accredited third-party certification and can continue working effectively within that context.


JAS-ANZ is grateful to those who have already volunteered their time and energy to contribute to the scheme, and would welcome any inputs from those who have not yet had this opportunity. Please contact Steve Keeling (Steve.Keeling@jas-anz.org) if you would like more information.

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