September 2016 edition of the ExTA Newsletter!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


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Welcome to the September edition of the ExTA Newsletter!
Please find below some of the latest updates from the ExTA community.

Pain in the butt – or an opportunity?

It is time for the AGM – again! It does not seem like a whole year since the last one. Where have we been in that year – what was achieved? More importantly, “Where are we going and what can we do to make a positive contribution to our industry and to safety in Ex environments in this coming year?”

Our Prime Minister is excited by the opportunities that are available to all Australians and is exhorting us all to innovate to bring about positive change. While Malcom is probably right, this is hardly a new idea. 2,500 years ago Heraclitus of Ephesus said that “The only constant is change”. He also said that, “life is flux”. [Pana Rhei (Greek) – everything and all things change].

ExTA and all of our members have changed and adapted in the last year in response to a changing World. Old technologies have changed and whole new technologies invented. New Standards have been published. Commercial constraints have required dramatic improvement in efficiency. Regulators have been restructured.

Our AGM is an opportunity to renew ExTA’s plans and aspirations and to reset our ambitions. Together miracles are all ‘out there’ waiting for our achievement.


Update from ExTA Secretary and Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our AGM is scheduled for October 27th 2016. It will be held at the Christie Conference Centre, Level 4 - 100 Walker Street North Sydney. 10:30am to 2:30pm.

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We would love to see as many as possible members attending and if you cannot attend, please send your Proxy.

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ExTA SGM 19th July 2016 - Overview

Our SGM (Special General Meeting) was held on 19th July this year at North Sydney.

The purpose of the SGM was to get our members’ views on where ExTA should be focussing its efforts.

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Overhaul of Electrical Equipment for use Underground – Guidance on Compliance

In the current economic climate of cut-backs and limited maintenance budgets, all end users are looking to reduce the costs of their maintenance schedules and overhauls as much as possible. This has led to a clash of objectives

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Dangerous Goods - Hazardous Materials Group & Network Release 2016 – 2,009 Newsy Stuff

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