Update from ExTA secretary and notice of AGM

Friday, 23 September 2016

ExTA AGM 2016

Update from ExTA secretary and notice of AGM

Our AGM is scheduled for October 27th 2016. It will be held at the Christie Conference
Centre, Level 4 - 100 Walker Street North Sydney from 10:30am to 2:30pm.
In addition to our AGM, we will be having a Workshop with three speakers including
a question time and discussions at the end.
The topics may include (still to be confirmed):

  • The ANZEx scheme, Now and in the future
  • Mechanical Ex Systems
  • Fasteners in flameproof enclosures
  • Non-conformance in the building industry

All management committee memberships will be declared vacant at this AGM.


In line with the constitution:

At this AGM, approximately one third of the vacant positions shall be elected for three years, one third for two years and one third for one year.


Note: This is aimed at ensuring continuity of committee membership during the inauguration period and to ensure that not all member positions on the committee will be vacated at any one annual general meeting.


The annual general meeting must by resolution, decide the number of members of the Committee (if any) it wishes to hold office for the next year.


A single election may be held to fill all of those positions.


If the number of members nominated for the position of committee member is less than or equal to the number to be elected, the Chairperson of the meeting must declare each of those members to be elected to the position.


If the number of members nominated exceeds the number to be elected, a ballot must be held. 


The minutes from last year’s AGM can be found hereNote: you will need your member’s login to the ExTA website members’ area.


If you do not remember it, contact us at: secretary@exta.org.au.


Attending the AGM? Let us know.

If you plan on attending the ExTA AGM than please email info@exta.org.au



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