TECHNICAL VISIT Simtars - Redbank

Tuesday, 14 April 2015
TECHNICAL VISIT Simtars - Redbank

Hello to our ExTA Members: ExTA have been fortunate to be able to arrange a Site visit to Simtars (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station) Simtars is a business unit of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) and comprises the following operation Centres:

  • Occupational Hygiene, Environment and Chemistry Centre (OHECC)
  • Engineering, Testing and Certification Centre (ETCC)
  • Mining Research and Development Centre (MRDC)
  • Safety Training Centre (STC)
  • Mine Safety Technology (MST)

This site visit will cover the engineering aspects of the facilities with some demonstration and include:

  • Brief introduction and site induction
  • Friction ignition and propagation tube operations
  • Flameproof demonstration
  • Virtual Reality training facility demonstration
  • Intrinsic Safety spark test apparatus
  • Calibration Laboratory

The site visit has been arranged for Thursday 30th April 2.30pm to 4.40pm at 2 Robert Smith Street Redbank QLD 4301.

For further information contact:
Director Engineering and Testing CertificationCentre - David Turner;
Phone: 0404 002 843

Our first issue of our ExTA newsletter, will be released next week. Future releases will occur approximately every two months These will detail our events and achievements as they occur.

Membership of the Association is available to any persons who have an active interest in the industry. Details for membership are available on our web site,, along with details of ExTA, including the history of the formation and proposed future directions.

Regards to all,
John Rose - Secretary

Since the 1990s there has been a significant expansion in the standards and an array of regulatory changes related to hazardous areas. Not just in Australia but overseas as well. These changes are set to continue for many years to come. In North America , UK and Europe there are associations and forums focussed on hazardous areas but there has been nothing in our region. The issues we face are not just ours. In a global environment, we need to meet the challenges with the right momentum and industry understanding in the ANZ region and be able to influence global developments.


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