Message From The Chairman - John Curran

Thursday, 9 April 2015

As all of you may already know, ExTA has been formed from members drawn from within the hazardous area industries groups.


Over the past seven months we have been actively working to ensure our organisation is in a position to assist the hazardous area industry.  I would like to thank members that have already joined for your support and keen interest as well as the committee members who have hosted the organisation meetings so far.  All your assistance has been greatly appreciated.


We are slowly progressing towards our aim of bringing together issues including AS and International Standards, to assist in the integration and correlation of issues affecting our industry, with the aim of ensuring safe and efficient operation through greater understanding and networking.


All current members of the Association will have access to our newly launched forum, which is accessible from our web site.  This will allow questions to be asked regarding any matters that may arise and require clarification.  This will be vetted and monitored by members within the committee.  


Our linking with Australian Standards as a nominating organisation and discussions surrounding the future of the ANZEx. Scheme are our next major undertakings.


I trust that you all enjoy our first issue of our ExTA newsletter, which we plan to publish every two to three months. This will detail our operations and achievements as they occur.


Membership of the Association is available to any persons who have an active interest in the industry. Details for membership are available on our web site,, along with details of ExTA, including the history of the formation and proposed future directions.


Regards to all and enjoy the read.


John Curran


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